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Imagine being able to open up an entire wall of a room. Imagine bringing the outdoors indoors and bringing a whole new dimension to entertaining at home. This is exactly what Bi fold doors provide. The experienced and highly skilled Broadoake team specialise in the the manufacturing, supplying and fitting of these fantastic doors. We design the doors to specification to suit the style of your home, then install them for you, ensuring that the experience is completely stress free.

We are fully accredited by the likes of HomePro and FENSA, and also completely insured. All of our products come with an insurance backed 10 year guarantee, so you can be sure that your doors are built to last.

What Are Bifold Doors?

Bifold Doors – also known as bi folding doors – are doors which do not swing open and closed like a traditional door, but instead slide and fold away. This concertina style folding is beneficial as it allows the door to be much wider than a typical wooden or PVC door.

Due to the extra width that they offer, bi fold doors are a very popular option as both internal and external doors.

The Benefits Of Bi Fold Doors

Our Bi Fold Doors are now available with a patented Modlok mechanism for extra security and strength, the Liniar bi-fold was the first bespoke PVCu bi-fold on the market  – and is still the best!

Bi Fold Patio Doors

Arguably the most popular form of bi fold doors, bi fold patio doors are the ultimate way to transform the look and feel of your home. Bi fold patio doors are external doors, but rather than swinging open and closed they instead slide and fold away. This means that they effectively allow you to open up an entire side of your home to the outdoors.

Family BBQ’s or birthday parties can spread across both home and garden with the seamless transition that bi fold patio doors allow, or you can simply sit in your lounge and feel the breeze flow in on a hot day.

They aren’t just a summer novelty though, Bi Fold patio doors have benefits all year round.

Triple glazed glass in the doors means that they are fantastically efficient, keeping the heat in on cold days, whilst secure shoot bolt locking means that they offer much more security for the home than a traditional patio door. They also allow more much light to flow into the house, meaning that your home feels brighter and larger all year round.

Internal Bi Fold Doors

British houses are some of the smallest in Europe, but internal bi fold doors can help you maximise the space that you do have.

Since they slide and fold away rather than swing, internal bi fold doors take up much less space than traditional doors as they don’t swing out into already limited floor space. Not only that, but the wider nature of bi folding internal doors mean the the doorway space that they provide is much wider, so that when you open them all the way, they effectively turn two rooms into one large space.

This allows you to turn your home into a fantastic entertaining space, provides better airflow around the home, and makes the home feel brighter and bigger.

Commercial Bi Fold Doors

Commercial bi fold doors are a great option for businesses.

All kinds of businesses from restaurants and cafes to car show rooms use commercial bi fold doors. The wide, sliding nature of the doors allows a business to combine both outside and inside into one smooth experience such as for outdoor dining. Meanwhile, the extra light allowed in through the glass in the windows makes the business premises a much more pleasant place to be for both customers and staff.

Commercial bi fold doors also provide fantastic security, and retain heat well too making them an energy efficient and economical choice.

Manufactured, Supplied & Fitted

Here at Broadoake we have a fantastic, experienced team who specialise in bi fold doors for homes and commercial properties. We purpose design doors to fit your property, manufacture them to the highest standard, and then fit them for you. This means that the whole process is stress free and quality is assured.

Please see below for a selection of images of bi fold doors that we have supplied in the past. For more information and a free quote please fill in the form at the top of this page, or give us a call on 01246 240 225.